Fruit juices for weight loss – use and recommendations

Fruit juices are able to cleanse the body of toxins, improve the state of the nails, hair and skin, and become helpers in the fight against the pounds. Beverages will addition to any diet, encouraging weight loss, and to compensate for the lack of nutrients.

The use of fruit juices for weight loss

Liquid forms products better absorbed by the body of solids. Fruit juices fast to saturate useful substances and activate all of the processes of the fruit or vegetable, for the transformation and the absorption, the body has to spend a lot of time.

Thanks addicting fruit juice appears energy, good mood, is the work of the liver, and the kidneys, restores the metabolic processes it, and displays the harmful substances that promotes weight loss.

Warnings and recommendations on consumption of fruit juices

fruit juices for weight loss

To get positive results from the consumption of fruit juices for weight loss, you need to remember that the abuse of drink can cause an increase in body weight. It's all the fault of great content in fruit sugar. To obtain fruit juice is all you need, just drink 3 tablespoons up to 3 glasses per day.

Please bring only fresh fruit juices. Better to use natural fruit juices for weight loss is not the diet, and as one of the components of a healthy diet. Fruit juices you can drink between meals, when you experience the feeling of hunger and half an hour before a meal. This will help to get rid of 2-3 kg per month.

To get rid of extra pounds, it is possible to apply different types of fruit juices. Need to be guided by personal preferences and health status, because many of the drinks there are contraindications. Next, we will see more healthy fruit juices for weight loss.


Lemon juice contains a lot of pectin, which is able to wrap the wall of the intestine and slow the rate of sugar absorption. Pectin blunt the appetite. In lemon substances help rid the body of toxins and waste.

The consumption of lemon juice in its purest form is not desirable, the best breed in the water, 1 cup of liquid to 1 tablespoon of fruit juice.


Pineapple juice is recommended to drink with the pulp, because it is rich in a special substance. 1 gr. substances capable of breaking down to about 900 gr. of body fat. Pineapple juice applies for weight control, and also to combat the gastritis. He has a positive effect on the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, and cardiovascular system.


This juice is a great help in the fight against overweight. Drinking a glass of drink before eating, you can quickly lose weight. Grapefruit juice speeds up the metabolism, prevents the formation of adipose tissue, activates the digestion, improves bowel function, cleanses the body and normalizes cholesterol levels. Still you restore the power and gives a boost of energy.