The experience of using One Two Slim

Its history has told us Antonella Valencia. The girl said, what kind of problems he had with the husband, and as drops of One Two Slim at the end helped them to two people lose over 100 lbs of excess weight in just six months.

The experience of using One Two Slim

"Excess weight is a ticking time-bomb, that small steps leads you to the cemetery". These thoughts came to my head, when the hand of the scale have long since passed more than 100 kg, and me rushing a team of doctors in an attempt to stop hypertensive crisis. To tell you the truth, afraid there was more indifference towards itself, thanks to which a thin-cheerful beauty and are become fat carcass.

When my condition stabilized, the doctors have said that if I lose weight, then again an attack could be the last of my life. The cardiologist has explained how hard the heart can pump blood to my body, when this is simple ... after having drunk a decidedly internal fish and гибло with each stroke. At this point I wanted to take matters in hand and change your life. It seemed that it was the chance of a normal life, because the doctors were able to save me, and then it is not the only way.

My first good loss of weight and the return weight

In general, I decided to sit on a strict mono-diet. The only product that I ate, was the buckwheat. Gave me as always a little– 10 days, and after that I lost control, he ate a different calorie of the food, but decided that it will not stop, and continue as above. The state was terrible: always dizziness, nausea, weakness, evening fever, but I was sure to continue, whatever the cost.

A friend saw me after 3 weeks my weight loss, horrified. Pale girl with bags under the eyes, which with difficulty can chew buckwheat – so I'm not organized. She suggested I switch to liquid diet, supposedly, is a great way to get rid of extra pounds. It is possible, but only in liquid form. Fruit juices, broths, and also in the yogurt, they have given me the feeling of satiety, so I just stopped sleeping – acute sense of hunger did not give the opportunity to immerse themselves in a dream. Then I read on the internet of a diet plant and has decided to try to adhere to its rules. Exclude from the diet all animal products, I started eating cereals and salads. It was a little easier after the regime of drinking, but you feel a lot to be desired. Tachycardia, agitation, internal, insomnia and migraines have become traveling companions of my life.

A month and a half I managed to throw down 12 kg, though was hoping for a higher figure. I read that the low scores are possible due to slow metabolism, and to speed things up, you need to do sports. With my size and health status of the sport to me, is contraindicated. But I began to walk around the house. In one of these walks that I met a man. Its shape also were far from ideal, and we have decided to work together to a weight reduction.

On the one hand, support each other, and the weight loss went easier, while with the other I became beyond hidden. He could get up in the night and just empty the fridge. For 3 months, our share of loss of weight, we have obtained the results that have been satisfied. But even more, to the great joy gave us a unexpected news – I was pregnant. A gynecologist once told me that the diet hunger I are contraindicated, but to continue to reduce weight, you need to, otherwise I can not stand the child. I with her then husband became comply with all recommendations of the doctor, except one – I need to leave to work, as well as unwanted physical exercise are dangerous for the fetus. But the financial issue does not allowed me to go on maternity leave. We have become a lot of arguing with the husband, as well as I would like to found a second job or another way out of the current situation. Finished all the experiences about securing the future of a child become the cause of miscarriage.

Tantrums, arguments, and recriminations, the lack of motivation has led us to what we both started to eat for stress, and because of previous games with power totaled more than the initial weight. At a certain point we realized that it was time to stop and take in hand, to return to the diets did not make sense, so as a result, there has already been a sign.

How we managed to lose in two more than 100 kg

Then we decided to go to a dietician, who gave us eat and drink drops One Two Slim. I could not believe that my weight in a rapid decline, in spite of the fact that I do not feel hungry. My health was magnificent, the energy is in full swing, the mood was very good. Recurrence was not there, as there was the acute feeling of hunger. In general, my husband and I were delighted by the One Two Slimbecause the drops have helped easy to get rid of harmful products, control the appetite, accelerates the metabolism and the energy that we received, there was only a need for a place where to spend it, and we started going to the gym. In this way, in just 6 months, we are both have their weight in the norm and for the two threw more than 100 kg, but at the same time, and have established a relationship. In addition, the doctor has said that I can now give birth to a healthy child without risk to health.

By the way, thanks weight loss is also able to resolve the financial issue – husband became a personal trainer and helps people with obesity to get rid of extra pounds. To all its customers, it is recommended that drops One Two Slim. And I have written this opinion in the hope that someone drug the same way will save the life, health and the family, as it has helped me.